Design Development

My first port of call was to draw a layout of the floor plan for the micro-dwelling. My initial thoughts were to have a banquette style seating area in the back left hand corner with an extendable table to use when George is entertaining guests. I made a plan of the kitchen to include dimensions and in doing so making sure there is enough room when opening the oven door and fridge door. I thought that a divider of 2 metre wooden slats would look great between the kitchen and dining area, dividing the space but still being able to see through to the space from either side.

It was important at first for me to provide George with both a bath tub and a shower, so for this to work comfortably I thought that the bathroom could be a wet room, this way a shower tray was not needed and so would not encroach on the space.

The stairs leading to a first floor area could sit against the wall, each tread could have a storage area underneath that you could access via doors on the ground floor. The ground floor space would open up onto the decking area giving George some outdoor space too.

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