Reflecting on my feedback of Assignment 4

My tutor has noted improvement in my work due to spending more time on each exercise. I have been approaching each exercise with more determination to produce better results, and thankfully it’s paying off! I have been drawing much more lately and so my drawing and presentation is also improving which my tutor also recognises.

My research tasks are reasonably thorough which is good as it shows that I am interested in reading ‘around’ the subject, but I must remember to then take all of that research and put it into my own work in a creative way, by taking ideas, developing them and making them my own.

My tutor thought my storyboards were charming and informative, which I’m so pleased about as I did spend a lot of time drawing and re-drawing, it was noted that my tutor would have liked to have seen examples that I found to understand which elements have inspired me to make my own in that way. My research into storyboards took me to images online of cartoon style stories, I then put together my own interpretation.

I will revisit a few exercises and try to be as accurate as I can when doing my technical drawings, I must remember to place furniture on the floor rather than making it look as though it is floating, that was not intentional but when I look back on those particular drawings I can now understand what needs to be changed.

Working through my drawings and storyboards in a careful way, my tutor is pleased that my work looks much more authoritative than some of my previous work. I am recognising that by spending more time initially on planning and design that the other important parts fall in line much more easier than trying to race ahead.

Although my tutor has noted that my drawings have improved there is still room for more, I must remember to look at every technical drawing as a finished piece, again making it look and feel more professional, I will add a checklist each time I do a technical drawing, that way I should remember wall thickness, line weights, dimensions etc. I honestly think that I get carried away with how my drawing is looking in terms of scale, size and content more so than remembering if I have added all the important details, I am sure that with more practise this will become second nature.

My tutor was pleased with how I presented my character’s daily journey, communicating simple and clear information.

I have recently taken part in a virtual drawing class which was the best experience ever in terms of drawing, very liberating and I highly recommend to anybody to give it a go! I have also been chatting more to other ID students, both on zoom and via facebook and WhatsApp, this interaction and communication is helping me stay motivated and on track with my study deadlines.

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