Research task 2: Serpentine site analysis

Imagining the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion at a site such as an in-fill site, would this work? It would work very differently. For starters the current Serpentine Gallery Pavilion site covers 900m2, where at present the galleries offer free exhibitions, live events, education and people gather and interact with art, music, dance and film events. This social space wouldn’t work in a small in-fill site between houses and so it would take on a very different meaning.

Is it seen as a jewel in the landscape? The definition of jewel is a description of something better, beautiful or more special than other similar things. I would agree that the pavilion is seen as a jewel in the landscape and that each year when another temporary pavilion is added, another jewel, a piece of architecture is added to the landscape for the world to enjoy.

Serpentine Pavilion 2019 London Junya Ishigami 1
Fig. 1 – Serpentine Pavilion 2019, designed by Junya Ishigami, Serpentine Gallery, London

As the space is on parkland, an open space in the centre of London, it gives architect designers the opportunity to design and build something really special, each design can been seen from several angles even though the parkland is surrounded by trees and access is limited and so these constraints must be taken into account when designing and building a temporary pavilion.

Being positioned in the capital city of London already gives the pavilion status, it is one of the top ten most-visited architectural and design exhibitions in the world and as much as the designs that are created are intriguing there is still only limited space to place the design, it needs to be both interesting and functional to allow the user to enjoy the pavilion both inside and out.


Fig. 1 – Serpentine Pavilion 2019 (accessed 3.3.21)

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