Design concept

After writing the three short paragraphs about my client, George, it was then time to look at creating a brief for his new micro-home. I looked at the spaces he would need to carry out his everyday tasks, looked at the size of each space, all the time taking into consideration the Parker Morris minimum space standards of 480 square feet (44 square metres).

I had to really think about the physical space limits for my client to reside in on a permanent basis. For this process I went through a number of sketches of different elevations and listed the objectives I believe my client would need and why. I also took into account the style he would prefer, the materials he would like to make the building, the shell, and then considered each space with lots of natural light flooding in.

I can visualise how I want the space to look, also researching and digesting lots of inspirational pictures on the internet, these just feed your creative thinking, but I’m also very aware not to copy any of the designs, just magpie a few ideas!


Fig. 1 – 5 Walker, T (2021) Design concept before creating a design brief [pencil/pen on paper] in possession of: the author: Stoford

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