Assignment Four: The Double Diamond – Define

Now that I have discovered more about my client by writing short paragraphs that describe his past, present and future I can now define the extent of the brief for his new Micro-home. I have typed my brief, it shows my client’s objectives, spatial requirements, architectural style, spaces and functions, budget and timeframe.

I found this assignment the most interesting, especially with how much easier you can imagine your design to be, by digging deeper into the life of a Client. By writing those three parts, discovering who my Client was, is now and will be in the future has helped me build a much bigger picture. This way you can come up with clever designs but also there is room for improvement and change as the design develops. I am so excited to put all my efforts in the assignment five. I feel that I have learned so much more than I first anticipated through part two of this unit, I can feel it building up to bigger and better design choices, adding knowledge along the way. I hope everybody who reads my learning log is enjoying the journey as much as I am.

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