Reflecting on my feedback of Assignment 3

My tutor commented how my sketches are improving and that she can see my confidence is growing with drawing, I agree that with lots of practise sketching and drawing can become a lot more enjoyable and less daunting.

When I’m researching a topic I must remember to give my own opinions rather than just quoting those of others. My tutor has noted that when I do form my own opinions my work is much more interesting, this type of thought I need to develop more.

My visual representation of the Architecture Must Blaze manifesto wasn’t as creative or imaginative as my tutor had hoped. Therefore I revisited this exercise, wrote down my understanding of the manifesto and created an image to better reflect that.

It was also noted that I have shown some lovely perspective sketches that really convey a sense of space in the hallways that I have illustrated, I really have been enjoying drawing and getting to grips with perspective.

To improve on my work I must try to look at the work in more depth and give myself time to really delve into things, this will then help me when forming my own opinion and ideas.

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