Exercise 3: Homes for today

After reading the Parker Morris report document dated 1961 where they set out the minimum space standard required to build homes for today and tomorrow, I have sketched out a plan of a 2 bedroom, 1st floor apartment. I have sketched to scale 1:50, my first attempt was almost spot on without using a ruler. Whilst drawing a plan I gave some thought as to who might occupy the apartment. After a few attempts at changing the layout of the space, I’m confident it would suit a variety of occupants.

I have designed the space to accommodate a few different occupant scenarios. Originally I had drawn one double bedroom and a slightly smaller double bedroom. After careful consideration I have made the smaller bedroom slightly larger, reducing the reception space but because the space leads through to the kitchen, it doesn’t feel too compromised as there is space for a dining room area in between.

This exercise was interesting, before I put pen to paper I thought I would never be close to the measurements but I surprised myself. When designing a small space I feel it is important to cover areas such as keeping the water pipes and waste along one side of the building, this does restrict your plan but would make the build easier, especially if you are building on a tight budget. For the size limitations I believe you can really achieve a decent size home for a young family, two adults sharing or a retired couple. By adding storage into the hallway gives way to slightly larger rooms and wall space for free standing furniture. My final design has two double bedrooms, both with windows. A bathroom with a large walk in shower, storages space in both bedrooms and an open space living room, dining area and kitchen. The reception room has double doors, a Juliet balcony with a railing, for safety, which sits just outside the doors, this is needed because it is a first floor building and you can open the doors to let the light flood in on a sunny day. Between the reception room and the kitchen is a bay style window giving the idea of more space. The kitchen area is in a horseshoe shape, giving plenty of workspace, storage and a window view, the whole space will have lots of natural light flooding in which I believe is an important factor in a smaller home.

Fig. 10 – My final sketch plan of a 2 bedroom, 1st floor apartment with a minimum area of 44.48 square metres


Fig. 1 – 9 Walker, T (2021) My sketch plan journey [pencil and fineliner on paper] in possession of: the author: Stoford

Fig. 10 Walker, T (2021) My final sketch plan [fineliner on paper] in possession of: the author: Stoford

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