How does the occupation of space differ?

My original post of Exercise 1b: A N Other’s living space needed revisiting. I failed to look at the space from the point of view of the occupant. I must try to understand my neighbours needs for the space I have chosen and how these needs are met, or not, within the space.

Firstly, the space that I chose to draw is my hallway. It is the entrance hall to my house, the stairs to the first floor and the dining room lead off the hallway. There is a storage cupboard underneath the stairs, mainly used to store shoes and coats, which can be accessed behind a curtain. We have a dog and she has accessories which we store in the cupboard beside the mirror, we call it our Harry Potter cupboard because it gives the illusion that it is floating by the style of it and the way it is situated, it stores her treats, lead and all other accessories. The space has wooden flooring and a sisal mat, it needs to be very practical as the space is very well used, especially when wearing outdoor footwear and entering the house. The space is very narrow, you can just about squeeze two people walking past each other, not comfortably.

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The other space I chose to sketch is my neighbours hallway. It is the same configuration as my own but occupied slightly differently. This space is very minimal with regards to cupboards and furnishings. There is a cupboard under the stairs that you access via a door, it is used for storing shoes and coats, various bits like the hoover and cleaning materials. The space is the same size as my hallway and used in the same way as access to the first floor via the stairs and the dining room. Floorboards make up the flooring, also practical for using whilst wearing outdoor footwear and easy to keep clean. Similarly to my own hallway, the space is only comfortable for one person passing through. It is therefore used as a thoroughfare, not a space to spend much time in.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unadjustednonraw_mini_4f77.jpg

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