Reflecting on feedback for Assignment 2.

Assignment 2 was the design of my Folly. My tutor has commented on how I have started to slow down a little and delve deeper into each exercise, this will improve my work whilst enjoying each task set.

I agree that it’s easy to approach each exercise and skim the surface to produce work, but the work you produce reflects how much time you spend on each exercise, in this case by slowing down and really looking further into what is asked of me has helped me produce more detailed work, there is still room for improvement but I hope to continue working in this way.

As my tutor pointed out, drawing is a form of clear communication and can see improvement since my last submission. I have enjoyed spending more spare time sketching and particularly enjoyed the sketching exercises in part two. It certainly helps joining in the activities set by the college.

I have also been practising with Adobe software, there is so much to learn but I’m enjoying the journey. My tutor noted that my first experiments are a good start and I must always ‘play’ with the spaces enough to work out the most appropriate solutions. Often I will try a few ideas and run with one of them, I must try several ideas and be completely content with having exhausted ideas before I move forward with it. My tutor particularly liked my drawn/collaged images, they were also fun to create. I will try this process using Adobe software.

Again, with my Folly design, my tutor would have liked to have seen me explore more with different or similar designs, even if they are rejected. I agree that I must explore further rather than moving on too quickly.

Most exercises have asked for my drawings to be shown in Plan, Elevation and Section. Section drawings have so far been a tricky concept for me to grasp. After speaking with my tutor and being shown how to approach section drawing using a simple method like a cake, cut in half so that you can see the inside of the cake, I now understand how to create a section and I now find this task less daunting!

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