Exercise 1: Minimum space

In my A2 sketch book I have drawn seven squares, each measuring 100mm x 100mm, these are my storyboard frames. In each square I have sketched out a part of my occupants’ journey taken from this list below.

The occupant’s journey:

  • The occupant enters the space
  • The occupant changes out of their day-clothes
  • The occupant changes into their night-clothes
  • The occupant gets into bed and goes to sleep
  • The occupant wakes up
  • The occupant gets dressed into their day-clothes
  • The occupant exits the space

During this sketching process I have tried to identify and illustrate how the occupant would move their body in a space.

(1) The occupant is entering the bedroom walking over the threshold and I have shown movement by drawing the knees bent.

(2) I have shaded the window to show darkness outside and sketched the ceiling light with emphasis on the light bulb shining bright. The occupant has nightclothes on the bed ready to put on.

(3) The occupant is bending over the bed to reach for the nightclothes, with the curtains drawn as if it were nighttime but with the ceiling light on.

(4) In this sketch, the figure is bending over the bed as if it were climbing into bed to go to sleep, I have also drawn the curtains closed and the light bulb not emphasised, showing that’s it time to sleep!

(5) I have sketched the figure sitting up in bed stretching arms up, showing them waking.

(6) I have sketched the figure standing in nightclothes in front of the open wardrobe choosing day clothes.

Lastly in sketch (7) I have drawn the occupant leaving the bedroom walking over the threshold, showing movement forward.

In all seven sketches I have shown the minimum space needed to perform these tasks with just enough space between the wardrobe and the bed to get changed. Below are images of the sketches, the first image is my first attempt at sketching the occupants journey. The second image I have tried to tidy up the lines and create a more professional look. The next step is to sketch in plan and section to a suitable scale and I will add dimensions to show the extent or overall size of the space.

My first storyboard sketch with seven images.
My second storyboard sketch with seven images.

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