Exercise 6: Starting your own manifesto

Take one key word for a social, cultural or political idea – related to an area of spatial design – that interests you.

I have used Biophilia, which is a concept that reveals that people are instinctively connected to all other living systems. From this word I have created a mind map.

My mind map for Biophilia.

Following on from the mind map, I have expanded my idea and created five bullet points, each with a single sentence to outline this one aspect of my spatial design issue.

  • Biophilia design is a built-in human tendency to connect with nature.
  • It is proven to inspire and improve our sense of well being.
  • Biophilic design can accelerate healing and reduce stress.
  • A biophilic design idea relies on sustainable materials that avoid unnecessary impact on the environment.
  • This approach can create the best possible environment for people to live, work, play, and learn.

This exercise was so inspiring. Once I had exhausted my mind map ideas and written them down, it then felt natural to take the next step and write sentences based on Biophilia. Through research over the last year or two on sustainability and the impact design can have on our environment, expanding my ideas and knowledge on Biophilia was an exciting exercise to carry out and put down in words.

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