Exercise 5: Researching contemporary manifestos

Using contemporary design journals and/or online resource, I will research and find a contemporary manifesto that was published within the last 24 months. The quotes that I find must have some relevance to issues concerning interior or spatial design today, and also be ideas that I am happy to adopt or apply in my own design work.

During this process I’m immediately drawn to searching for anything that has an emotional response to a space. I’m at my best when I’m either outdoors enjoying the quiet of the countryside by the coast mesmerised by the ocean noise or indoors admiring the natural materials I like to surround myself and my family with. This thought process led me to sustainable design and Biophilic interiors. Biophillic design focuses on human’s instinctive attraction to nature and natural processes, in our built environment it is ever increasingly important to our health and wellbeing.

It is about creating spaces where we can thrive, feel good and be healthy. In particular, ‘Biophilic design draws inspiration from the natural world. It brings the essence of nature into interiors, creating spaces that actively support our wellbeing‘. And since we spend 90% of our time indoors, it’s easy to understand how much of a difference this can make in our day-to-day lives! (Dfordesign, 2018)

Environmental degradation and alienation from nature are not inevitable consequences of modern life but rather failures and how we have deliberately chosen to design our buildings and our cities. We designed ourselves into this predicament and we can design ourselves out of it with the help of biophilic design. (Kellert, s.d)

I am very much drawn to good design and quite often find myself drawn to a space that is created to support our wellbeing. A few of my previous design assignments have included natural fibres and materials and I believe it’s really important to keep an openness to spatial design whilst offering safe cosy areas alongside lots of natural light.


(Dfordesign, 2018) https://dfordesign.style/blog/biophilic-design-the-most-natural-path-towards-well-being (accessed 25.11.20)

(Kellert, s.d) https://dfordesign.style/blog/biophilic-design-the-most-natural-path-towards-well-being (accessed 25.11.20)

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  1. thehomeslogg says:

    I absolutely agree a space should always promote great well being x

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