Exercise 1a: Your Living Space

For this exercise, I have found a small living space in my home that is not the kitchen or bathroom.

The space I have chosen is my hallway. This space is the narrowest space in my house but is very functional. It is decorated with grey and black tones, to make a visual impact. When designing this space, I wanted to be able to open the front door and create an impact visually, to make it homely with a welcoming feel but just as importantly create a cool vibe because I felt that this room was really neglected as a space. My family doesn’t spend anytime in the hallway unless they are posing in the mirror taking a selfie! By adding a dark shade of colour to the bannister instantly created a moody vibe, adding up-cycled shelving, that we as a family call the ‘Harry Potter cupboard’, because where it hangs gives the illusion that it is floating, in the right places not only transformed the wall space but gave practical space for the dog lead and accessories.

Sketch of my hallway

The natural plants and warm colour scheme works well and offers a warm welcome to a busy thoroughfare. The coir matting and rug are a welcome relief from wet dog walks and the coat and shoe cupboard has a black curtain that you pull across to hide the space, which is very much used and very much needed. Every time I open the front door and enter the hallway, my eye is instantly drawn to the dark grey bannister, giving me a happy and content feeling. The hallway is a busy thoroughfare, tones and colours blend beautifully creating a moody space between the dining room and the upstairs landing.

Sketch of my hallway with watercolour
Annotated and dimensions sketch of my hallway with watercolour
A rough sketch of my hallway looking from the front door
Plan drawing of my hallway

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