Assignment 2: Designing your Folly

Whilst researching materials for the design of my Folly, I came across an artist called Rita McBride, who has designed a sculpture called Mae West using carbon fibre tubes, from this design I have taken my inspiration.

Mae West stands in Effnerplatz Square, Bogenhausen Quarter, Munich. The sculpture has the form of a hyperboloid and consists of a double structure made out of carbon fibre tubes, standing 52m high overall, has a diameter of 32m at the bottom and 19.5m at the top, with a 7.5m waistline.

Mae West (sculpture) - Wikipedia
Fig. 1 Mae West Sculpture, Munich.
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Fig. 2 Mae West Sculpture, Munich.
Mae West – Fotospaziergang am Effnerplatz | München, Mae west
Fig.3 Mae West Sculpture, Munich.
Fig.4 and Fig. 5 Mae West Sculpture under construction.

I watched the most amazing time lapse of the sculpture being constructed, link at the bottom for your reference.


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