Exercise 5: Inhabiting and occupying space

I have taken my drawn scale figures from the previous exercise and found places/spaces for them to inhabit. Taking into consideration the scale of the surroundings, I have also tried to consider the texture and overall shape of the spaces and for each of the three different scale sized figures how different each space will feel. Below are photographs of my experiments alongside words that describe the affect that space and figure has. My first habitual space is a toilet roll, secondly a bamboo bowl and thirdly a shoe using scale figures of 1:20, 1:50 and 1:100.

similar ~ stuck ~ camouflage ~ building ~ tone
small ~ proportion ~ playground ~ fun ~ soft
tiny ~ fun ~ tunnel ~ ant-like ~ enormous ~ architecture ~ structure
dark ~ fun ~ cosy ~ hideout ~ texture
cave ~ enormous ~ dark ~ shelter ~ scary

This exercise really showed me how similar and not so similar size scales can have such a different impact on the space that it occupies and in turn creates such different atmospheres.

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