Exercise 3:Repeating the process

Originally, for this exercise I sketched 2D and 3D drawings of games, after choosing a word from my mind map collection of words. To add to this exercise I have sketched 2D drawings of spaces, using words taken from the same mind map collection of words. I chose ‘bricks’ and ‘family’. I sketched and re-sketched ideas in both elevation and plan.

Reiterative sketches of spaces using bricks, stone and similar shapes.
Reiterative sketches with added photo’s of brick, stone and pebbles, adding inspiration.

This drawing process was fun to do. Starting with the basic brick style I then progressed and changed direction slightly to include stone shaped blocks and shapes that resembled heads of people looking at plan that I then realised looked similar to pebbles on the beach. I really like the way the shape of the bricks and stone sit above and next to each other. Normally I would sketch on individual pages, but I was inspired to sketch and keep adding to the same page after seeing work by artists and designers and the way they sketch and keep sketching on one page, building on the very first sketch, this way it helps when changing direction slightly or looking at shapes from different angles, making the whole page interesting and exciting.

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