Reflection on my feedback for Assignment One and Level One Summative Assessment Feedback

My tutor has remarked that overall I have made a good start to the second Interior Design degree unit. I have explored spatial design through playing and have really thrown myself into the character definition in the person-space-context exercises.

For exercise 3 I should have made 2D drawings of a space rather than an object, in plan and elevation using my mind map words. Looking back on the brief I realise that now, so I will do that exercise again.

My research is thorough and very well summarised picking up on certain aspects of design strategies and processes. I must admit that I have learned to put more time into carrying out exercises that require research online, I really do enjoy that side of the coursework but must remember to look beyond the face value and try to understand how each designer/architect approaches their work.

My tutor has commented that I need to explore much more to develop my ideas when being creative and I need to work ‘into’ an idea rather than stopping at the first one. I will try a different approach to the creative exercises and remember not to rush them. It was suggested that I create the piece required and come back to it another day and see if there are any changes that can be made to improve the design, until I’ve exhausted all of the ideas. It seems obvious now that I sit back and read the advice, I’m excited to try this approach and hopefully see a huge improvement.

My tutor liked my structural analogy of the layering of the playing cards, again I need to pay more attention to the detail of what I am making and develop my ideas looking at the different elements of design, exhausting all possibilites!

My tutor liked my presentation of my final assignment with its comprehensive summary of the work throughout part one. I must not overcomplicate the document by introducing lots of different styles, backgrounds, fonts etc. I admit I did get carried away with the design ideas suggested whilst putting my powerpoint together!

The next steps for me also will be to showcase my drawings in a more defined way which will introduce a level of professionalism, to help me do this I will look at further resources recommended by my tutor.

Overall, I must try and consider working at a slower pace to really delve into the details of each exercise and then challenge myself to think beyond that exercise in looking at ways to develop, research and create more.

As well as discussing my first assignment with my tutor, we talked about my grade for my first assessment, as they coincided with each other. I was so excited to receive my first ever grade for this course, it has been a fair few years since I’ve been in education and I was very pleased. There is still lots of room for improvement, but as my tutor reminded me, this is only my first assessment grade and that I’m working towards the top of the grade band.

My overall comments and feed forward for the first assessment are very encouraging and I will take all of the points on board and put in place what is needed to make improvements, I’ve got this!

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