Research Task 3:Scale and Ergonomic Design

Research into the Corporeal Room, designed by Norwegian architects Atelier Oslo was interesting. Birch plywood was used as the material to build the room, the colour is warm and inviting, the curves are sleek and smooth, each piece is joined together like a jigsaw puzzle, adding that feeling of playfullness to the overall design. Different spaces and angles show the ergonomics used in this design have been very well thought through, the softness of the curved shapes that lead through to other spaces give the overall experience pleasure and light heartedness. People can take a walk through without difficulty, changing their body movement to fit through certain spaces, they can sit and enjoy the quietness and ambience of the design whilst the space is still used by others without interruption. It feels to me that the designers have used a natural material in this way to offer the user an interesting space to explore without feeling confined and suffocated. There is enough space within some areas to stand up and for the able bodied to move around but not enough thought has been given to disabled and less able bodied people.

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