Drawing Workshop 3: Framing

This was my last drawing workshop where we brought together lots of ideas and images in one final piece. Firstly we looked at how to frame certain areas of our own drawings by placing a cutout of a square or oblong on the top and moving it around until we found a part of the drawing that we particularly liked. We then spent some time looking at our surrounding and drawing objects, which we then cut up and used in our final piece. Our tutor encouraged us to be as creative and imaginative as possible, to cut part of the images and draw the finished look by hand, I absolutely love this mixed media way of working. We looked through magazines and chose a piece of an interior that we loved and used that as our focal point, we then moved cutout pictures around and created an interior space.

On reflection of this exercise, I would move the staircase to the left or right and this would open up the space for the armchair, lamp and plants. Had I had more time during the workshop I would have observed the images and moved them around and I may have finished up with this layout. Looking forward to spending time creating mood boards in this way, it feels a relaxed creative way of expressing your ideas. I feel extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity, whilst we are still in the middle of uncertain times, to have creative tutors give their time to us remotely to enable us to improve with drawing skills, I have learnt so much and hopefully will get to take part in more workshops in the future.

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