Exercise 3: Breaking boundaries and exploring thresholds

The aim of this exercise is to explore how making a break in your Boundary can
change the space. When you remove part of a boundary you allow the occupant
to move in and out of your space. Where you make that break – where you create
a Threshold to another space – determines how your space will be used, and
how your space will feel.

I have taken the two spaces that I created in the previous exercise, both with sections and situated them next to each other. I have drawn in Plan my two spaces next to each other. The first attempt I put them both so that the left boundaries were in line with each other. I then removed part of the boundary wall to create an opening. In doing so I realised that the opening on the side of the longer space was cutting through to the window (see fig.4) , which for obvious reasons would not work! So then I drew them again and strategically placed the longer space so that the opening would look better. By adding the tracing paper drawings of the sections over the drawings I could get a better idea of where the break in the boundary was going to be and whether it would work.


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