Defining the parameters of my space: Dining Room

Using the room you are currently in, start to define its purpose based on its size,
shape and position.

My dining room space was designed to accommodate a family dining room table to seat 8-10 people, two armchairs, a piano, guitars and shelving.

Now, take a quick measurement of the dimensions of your room.

The measurements of the room are 5m long x 3m wide x 2.6m high which equates to 15m2.

Using the ‘needs’ you have identified, reimagine your space with different
configurations or dimensions based on the overall metres squared. Draw out
some ideas of new layouts.

I have drawn two different configurations of my room with the measurements 15m x 1m and 7.5m x 7.5m. One would be practical for the needs of the room but the other would not.

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