Drawing Workshop 2: Spaces

I took part in the second of the drawing workshops today, drawing spaces. I had a 3d object which was a crumpled up tissue. It has lots of wrinkles and is bent and crooked. I had to draw what I saw looking at the tissue, not the exact object but a rough idea.

A crumpled tissue.

A rough drawing of the crumpled tissue using pencil and sharpie.

A rough drawing of the crumpled tissue using pencil and oil pastel.

The next stage was to take a small portion of the drawing and make it larger. I chose to look at the top right part of the drawing with lots of spikes and curves.

A drawing of a small portion of the original drawing, with negative space in pencil and the space I wanted to keep in felt tip.

Taking note of the shape of the drawing, next I had to draw it again using an object to show scale. I used a piece of broccoli and drew around it, it looks as though it could be a tree next to my building.

Another drawing of the space with an object next to it to show scale.

This time I had to draw the same image but add colour and texture to give it life. I really feel that this drawing is child like, I could have been a bit more imaginative with the shape, maybe turned it on its side or upside down, to give me a different perspective.

The same drawing but with added colour for texture.

Lastly, I took the same outline of the drawing and used a different medium, soft pastel to draw the shape again. I love the way this looks so free and expressive. Using soft pastel has given me the freedom to draw but also smudge the lines to give a different look and feel to the whole style.

The same sketch but using a different medium, soft pastel.

On reflection of taking part in the second drawing workshop, again my confidence in sketching has improved, taking any object and roughly drawing the shape has broadened my idea of drawing. I tend to look at objects very literally, so I’m hoping with time to relax with my drawings and let the pencil do the talking. Very much looking forward to next week’s workshop!

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