Assignment 1: The Double Diamond Design Process

Discover and define: Your client, and the space that they need.

For my first assignment for part two, Exploration through Experimentation, I have created an illustrated narrative presentation of the exercises explored throughout part one.

Above is a link to my first attempt at creating an illustrated narrative presentation and images within that first attempt that I needed to work on. After a few reads of the brief I understood that I had to present my work as a Story, but I wasn’t completely sure how I was going to do this. The word ‘Story’ kept throwing me off course, was I to write a story with just words or tell the story with images? Once I had emailed my tutor, she confirmed a few things and I then understood what was being asked of me a lot clearer. I was still stumbling at the opening of the story.

Here is a link to my second attempt, below are the beginnings of my story.

I feel that I can convey my design ideas through both words and images, but I was still at a point that I was really not happy with the beginning of my presentation story. It took a few more hours of perseverance, especially the beginning, the opening, I was then happy to submit to my tutor. I am happier with the opening to my ‘Story’, I feel the reader will have a much better understanding of who I have designed for and the reasons for doing so and the type of design.

The opening to my presentation ‘Story’.
The end of my presentation ‘Story’.

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