Drawing workshop 1: Objects

Yesterday afternoon I took part in a drawing workshop with the OCA, I’m so glad that I signed up. Although I can draw a little, when I look at an object I tend to think that I have to draw the perfect object and that nothing else is good enough. The workshop has taught me to first observe the object, draw a rough shape of what the object is and then start adding detail, this way you can build on the drawing. It was so much fun and our tutor was so easy to talk to and listen to. I also enjoyed seeing the faces of other ID students. I have signed up the next week’s workshop where we will be looking at drawing spaces.

Mark making using pastels and pencils.
Mark making in response to certain words.
3 objects I have chosen to sketch.
Rough sketches of the approximate shape of the objects.
I chose one object and sketched with my eyes closed.
The same object but using my left hand.
All three objects, just sketch the main lines you see and observe the sizes.
My final sketch using mixed media, I chose to use fineliner, pastels and pencil.

On reflection of taking part in the drawing workshop, my confidence in sketching has improved already, having a qualified fine art tutor tell you that whatever you draw is your perspective and everyone will draw that same object slightly differently has given me the confidence I need to keep drawing and I’m sure I will improve if I keep practising.

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