Research of the Canadian American architect Frank Gehry was interesting, learning about how he approaches design. I found it fascinating that he sticks pieces of roughly cut paper and card together in a kind of slap dash way, and plays around with it before he’s happy with the design. I guess it shows there is no right or wrong way of carrying out this process, your scribbles of design on paper can be created into a 3D model. My way of working is so different. If I sketch a design I’m constantly looking for neater lines. This research has taught me to go with my gut and draw what comes to mind rather than think of the perfect picture. Maybe even then my designs will become even more interesting. His manifesto is so surprising. Architects that I have researched in the past seem to have a calmer approach to their designs. Frank’s honesty has helped me realise that this approach is probably the ‘reality of designing’ that maybe other architects are afraid to admit they do this too. Artist Olafur Eliasson also has some interesting work, his moss wall created in 1994 is so relevant in today’s world where we are all trying to create a greener more sustainable planet. My favourite piece of his art is ‘your uncertain shadow’, I especially love how the visitor can get more involved and be creative within the space.

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