Exercise 4: Serious Play

The aim of this exercise is to see how I can make three-dimensional spaces quickly, in model form, with found objects. And so, I dug out of the cupboard the Lego bricks. All three of my children and their friends, my nieces and nephews, their parents and the grandparents have all played with these bricks over the years, my youngest is now 14 and hasn’t played with Lego for a few years, yet as soon as I brought it to the dining room table, it was like bees to honey! Brought back some lovely memories too.

The colour combinations could be endless when building with Lego, but I prefer to build with solid colours as much as I can, I much prefer the look it achieves, solid blocks of colour seem more aesthetically pleasing than jumbled up colours, less messy. The space I have created is not quite square, has window holes set off centre along three walls and a door way in the green/white wall, with a glass roof. This way the natural light can flood in through each window creating light space from slightly different angles within, the glass roof will also enable light above.

I was transported back in time tonight whilst playing with Lego, I have lots of great memories creating models of random things whilst chatting with my girls. When I think about creating a space I don’t automatically think of creating a 3d model version, my immediate thought would be to draw it, the process of touching pieces of Lego and putting them together to make a space is quite therapeutic. A really fun and enjoyable experience!

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