Design process underpinned by play.

Exercise 1:What is your creative or design process?

Exercise 2:Mind mapping

Exercise 3:Repeating the process

After identifying steps that I take to collectively make up my own creative design process, I created a mind map from the word Home. I picked a few words that spring to mind when I think of home. I then wrote a few words that relate to that word. Mind mapping is a great way of getting thoughts down on paper, I always surprise myself when doing this process, some of the words I have written I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of if I was speaking aloud. It’s interesting how in my sketching page where I have drawn plan views and front elevations of board games and card games, I begin by drawing more precise and exact ideas of how I see game boards and figures etc., this then leads to sketching more fluidly and ended up with sketches of playing cards scattered at different levels. Reminiscent of the Japanese architect’s buildings that I researched earlier in this unit. A very useful exercise.

Design process in words
Mind mapping the word ‘home’
Sketches of the mind mapping word ‘home’

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