Exercise 1: What do you want or need from the course unit?

I’m about to embark on Unit Two of the Interior Design study. I feel that the last two months, not only with Covid19 lockdown and adapting to life in a slightly different way, I’ve spent so much time making sure that I’m happy with unit one before submission date of last week that it feels like forever since I scanned through unit two, exploration through experimentation, there is no doubt in my mind that i’m still very, if not more excited to get going with this unit.

I’m really keen to be sure that every detail in each of the upcoming exercises is included, I feel that I learned so much more than I first realised with unit one. Having scanned through unit two again, I’m looking forward to managing my time better with each task and visiting my learning log more regularly to keep a track of my progress and thoughts. Hopefully my creative juices will flow a little more with this unit, I will try not to be so afraid of experimenting and getting things wrong, my lego box is waiting!

I’ve always been told and have known that I’m a creative person, working in the decorating world for the last few years has confirmed that I can work hard, create beautiful rooms for clients and enjoy my work, but somehow confidence in myself and my ability has held me back from trying new processes. That was one of the reasons for starting the Interior Design course, I’m optimistic that unit two will give me more of feel for experimenting with various mediums, unit one introduced me to drawing in perspective and technical drawing, both by hand and in CAD, which I have gained confidence in and I’m so grateful for, I feel that I have so much more to learn and to offer.

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