Reflecting on the assessment process

Today was the day! Finally, I have finished uploading my work to the gdrive for my first ever assessment, Unit One, Exploring Principles and Theories.

The gdrive folder was very organised and easy to navigate, I had to put together all of my written parts, the contextual study points and close readings, which wasn’t too difficult as this was mostly on my learning log. My creative portfolio was the most time consuming as I had to find all of my photographs of everything I had drawn in my sketchbook and add to all the images I had already saved to my drive, upload it all into a presentation style format, I’m pleased with the outcome. Along with my portfolio I was asked to add links to my learning log which best reflect the learning outcomes in unit one. This part also took some time as I needed to remind myself of the learning outcomes. Lastly, I was asked to produce a reflective presentation or evaluation in the form of a presentation, short video or a written evaluation. I chose to film myself talking about my personal experiences throughout Unit One. A few weeks ago I wrote down my thoughts on paper about how I feel about my learning experiences with unit one and then thought it would be fairly simple to film myself talking, how wrong I was! A few attempts later, talking for 6 minutes wasn’t quite enough, I talked about my strengths, weaknesses and how I feel it has gone overall. A very different experience for me but I knew that I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Now it’s time to wait for my grade and feedback, nail biting time!

Really excited to get stuck into unit two, looking forward to learning new skills or even brushing up on old ones.

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