Getting ready for assessment

This week is the final week to upload for assessment of Unit One. At this point I have double checked my tutor feedback and my very latest assignment needed some more attention.

Firstly, I don’t feel I have fully considered the structural fixings for my pavilion. With this in mind I have done some more research. To create a slightly arched look of the bamboo meeting at the top, the bamboo will need to be heated to then be bent to the required angle. Originally I had the idea of fixing the bamboo canes at the top with hemp twine, mainly because of its strength and durability, if applied wet once dry it will strengthen the twine. I also like the idea of using natural preservatives like hemp oil or tung oil to apply to the bamboo to increase its longevity. Alongside the hemp twine I will use specially developed connectors to make the assembly of bamboo structure simple, yet incredibly strong. Because bamboo is a natural plant fibre that will rot if it is in continuous contact with the soil, I will fix the canes at the very bottom to the stone, again using specially developed connectors. Here are some examples of fixing connectors and twine.

It was also noted that I don’t give the reader much idea of what it would be like to sit inside the pavilion and so I have created an image to show children and ramblers using the space as intended. I have also added a drawing of the climbing plant to show how this might look in my final presentation.




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