My working holiday in Brighton

Work took myself and my husband to Brighton last week. The weather was glorious and unfortunately, we had to work inside every day. Although the restaurants and pubs were closed we were still able to take a walk each evening on the seafront and through the streets, and experience Brighton at it’s quietest, what an amazing city, steeped in history.

After researching Pavilions in my previous exercises, what a treat it was to be up close to the one and only Brighton Pavilion but a real shame it was closed to the public. Must return one day to enjoy the interior. On our walk around the city I was in awe of the design of the houses, shops and walls. It seems quite a popular choice to cement pebbles, from the beach, to create a design on the exterior of the building, such a great feature to any building and great to see modern buildings still being designed this way. I was also really pleased to see a living wall in the middle of the old town, beautiful plants and flowers on display, this was also one of my researches into Pavilions, The Living Pavilion in France, safe to say I was over the moon to see one during my visit to Brighton. A fantastic way to brighten up a space and bring nature to an urban development. Why hasn’t every town/city got one of these?

Fig. 1-6 My own images

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