Pavilion, Bath

On visiting my daughter a couple of weeks ago in Bath, we took a beautiful walk around the city, mainly stopping at cafes for tea, lunch and cake. This led us to take a walk through Royal Victoria Park. What a beautiful place Bath is, steeped in history with Victoria Park set in beautiful green parkland. I was very excited to come across a pavilion, known as a bandstand, the architecture is stunning. Further research online has shown me that it is still used to this day by musicians, weddings and various other celebrations, I was so happy to come across it and be able to enjoy its beauty.

This bandstand was installed c1887, nearly sixty years after Victoria Park had been created on an area of common land known as Barton Fields. The park (the UK’s first municipal park) was opened on October 23rd 1830 by the Duchess of Kent with her daughter, Princess Victoria, later Queen Victoria. The bandstand is an unusual type, designed acoustically, and axially aligned with the centre of the Royal Crescent. (Daniels, 2010)


Bandstand in Victoria Park (Daniels, 2010) (accessed 21.3.20)


Fig.1-4 Bandstand, Victoria Park, Bath.

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