Assignment Five: Design Proposal – Digital Presentation and Reflection

The brief for Assignment Five was to create a digital presentation of my Pavilion Design which should include my research, concept & development, technical drawings to scale, scale model and my visual.

I have created a digital presentation that tells the story of my design process from beginning (research and concept) to the end (final design). I have chosen important pieces from my research to include in my document which I hope communicates to the reader my reasoning behind my design ideas.


Using the skills and knowledge I have already developed in previous exercises, I have created an interior perspective visual of my pavilion. With this mixed media drawing I have tried to capture the sense of materiality, experience and atmosphere of my pavilion.

Firstly I tried using colouring pencils to achieve the ham stone colour but that didn’t work for me. I then printed pictures of ham stone and bamboo canes onto plain paper and then cut parts out to fit the sketch, which I think works really well. I have spent a lot of time drawing and getting to grips with perspective drawing and have posted my sketches so that I can hopefully show that I have improved, although not perfect I feel I have learned so much and improved a bit! but am aware I do have some way to go, overall I am pleased with the look of my visual.

An image showing how people can enjoy the pavilion on The Green.


Fig.1-12 My own sketches/images in different stages of my Pavilion


Following feedback from my tutor, I have revisited my technical drawings. My tutor noted that my section drawing shows the stone structure arching, but if I cut through the centre of my pavilion I would see stone blocks flat on the ground, and so with this in mind I have taken this feedback and looked again at drawing the section of my pavilion, I think you’ll agree it does look better! I have revisited the side elevation and shown the correct perspective as well as my plan elevation, I have now shown the thickness of the bamboo rather than just straight lines.

My tutor also pointed out that my pipe cleaners are wobbly along their length and I could simply pinch through with my thumb and forefinger to straighten them, which I have done and included a plan shot and side elevation shot as my other photo’s were all taken from the same angle. Making these simple changes have made a huge difference.

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