Exercise 3.3: Design Development

Now time to refine my pavilion design through sketches, both in 2D and 3D I have tried to capture my concept design.

I am really pleased with the end result and believe that it will work in my chosen location and be enjoyed and loved by many people. Local ham stone chosen for the horseshoe shaped seating, reflecting the village and horse riders that ride through on a regular basis, stone sourced locally and inspired by the local historical follies. Bamboo canes for the support arches that will stand tall and encourage a beautiful climber to make its home up and over, which in turn will attract native pollinator insects and help our ecosystem.

Fig.1 Sketch ideas for my Pavilion
Fig.2 Sketch ideas for my pavilion
Fig.3 Sketch ideas for my Pavilion
Fig.4 Sketch ideas for my pavilion

Taking into consideration the site location, the land it will sit on is flat and mostly made up of grass. This will make access to the pavilion a lot easier for people, not only able bodied but people needing wheelchair access and parents with pushchairs will also be able to enjoy the pavilion.

Fig.5 Sketch model of the Pavilion.
Fig.6 Sketch plan of the Pavilion.

I am confident that my design is beginning to meet the brief, covering all aspects of the user.


Fig.1-6 My own sketches of ideas for my Pavilion.

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