Design Development continued

I am confident that my design is beginning to meet the brief, covering all aspects for the user, a resting place for the ageing community. The weaknesses of my design may be whether the seating is comfortable enough for the user to sit on. Strengths are that the bamboo can be fixed to the stone to make it sturdy rather than sticking them in the ground and once the stone seating is fixed together it should last for years to come, very much like the existing follies that I have taken inspiration from.

Here I have drawn the pavilion both in plan and elevation, but this time to scale of 1:20.

Fig.1 Sketch of the front elevation of the Pavilion to scale 1:20.
Fig.2 Sketch of plan elevation of the Pavilion in scale 1:20.

The opening to the Pavilion has plenty of space for the user to walk in, and enough space for wheelchair and pushchair access. There is plenty of height on the bamboo canes so that the occupier doesn’t bump their head when walking in.


Fig.1 and Fig.2 My own sketches of the Pavilion with dimensions.

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