Model making

A few weeks ago, I created a model of my pavilion design, the brief was to use only white materials. I originally chose white lego pieces, creating an almost horseshoe shape. I then thought it would be easy to blend white clay around the outside to get the curved shape, this turned out to be a nightmare! So then I shaped the clay into a horseshoe shape, taking into consideration the measurements to scale and used white pipe cleaners as the bamboo canes. During the design process of the Pavilion I knew that I wanted to use hamstone for the seating and large bamboo canes for the arches, it was at this point that I realised that the canes will need to be fixed at the top and at the bottom of the walled seating and bolted to the stone, possibly also fixed to the ground to make it strong and sturdy. I therefore changed my model design to show this, fixing the pipe cleaners to the bottom of the outer walls.


Fig.1-6 Photographs of stages in model making the Pavilion.

Fig.4-20 Images of my model to scale, shown from different angles, natural sunlight casting shadows.

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