Exercise 2.3: Initial Concept Proposals

Having read back over my research notes, sketches, precedent studies and site analysis I can envisage what my pavilion design will actually look like. It’s important for me that I use local materials as much as I can, I can source the stone from suppliers locally but will have to look further afield if I am to use bamboo for the arches. Having also considered the sun-path on my location it’s important the entrance to my pavilion isn’t sitting in the direct sun all day long. I would like to offer a little shade to the occupant and so by adding a climber to the arched framework this will not only add colour and shade it will attract insects that then will create pollination within each flower, helping with our ecosystem. Throughout this process I have learned how important it is to carry out lots of research and find inspiration from other designers and designs.

Fig.1 Initial sketch ideas of my pavilion
Fig.2 Initial sketch ideas of my pavilion
Fig.3 Initial sketch of how my pavilion might look
Fig.4 Sketch of pavilion showing the sunpath
Fig.5 Sketch of pavilion showing how the climber will look
Fig. 6 My initial inspiration behind the design of my Pavilion,
Fig.7 Sketch idea of my Pavilion.

Fig.8 Sketch ideas of my Pavilion.

Although I originally knew that I wanted to connect the follies with my design, it has helped to develop my concept by researching other designs with similarities. It has confirmed the fact that using local materials will make my pavilion a better design which I hope to connect with the local residents and passers-by.


Fig 1-8 My own sketches showing the development ideas of my Pavilion.

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