Buildings in my hometown

Since studying Interior Design, I have noticed with buildings and designs that I have more of an appreciation for them. On my journey through my hometown yesterday I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the buildings were, the blue sky set the backdrop, it felt like a spring day (it is early February) so it’s time to snap that moment and share with you all!

I did some secondary research and found that this particular building was rebuilt in 1808, after its previous use as a coaching inn was demolished and opened as a bank, which is still its current use today. I was fairly confident that it’s a Georgian building but still did my research to confirm. Designers and Architects from the Georgian era created some stunning architecture that we are so fortunate to be able to admire and enjoy today.


Fig.1 (accessed 9.2.20)

Fig.2 Natwest Bank Building, Yeovil

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