Site Selection and Documentation continued

The reason why I have chosen The Green as the site for my Pavilion is mainly because of it’s location within the village. The road that runs alongside the site through the village leads one way to the town of Dorchester and the other way to the town of Yeovil, so is enjoyed by many travelling through to avoid part of the A37.  As you drive past The Green to your right, the Royal Oak pub is on your left side and so is close by for visitors and regulars. Residents’ homes overlook both lengths of the site with a public pathway running in front of the houses that many villagers, dog walkers and ramblers enjoy on their way through the village.  It is a flat green grass site and so that is perfect for the pavilion. It will stand alongside a few trees as well as two bench seats.  People will be able to admire the structure, they will be able to enjoy the connection of the design and materials in the pavilion between the historic follies in both villages in Barwick and Stoford, made from stone seating and natural materials for the arches which can then be enjoyed by people and animals of all ages.

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