Site Selection and Documentation continued

My second site selection is an area of grassland called The Green, at the other end of the village. It runs alongside the road that leaves one end of the village. Houses that date back to Victorian times overlook and a path runs in front of the houses that the public can walk along to avoid the road.  It has several uses during the year, the village fete have enjoyed the plot, lights are put on one of the trees before Christmas which is enjoyed by the villagers. Last year villagers took part in a tug of war after the fete was held in a different part of the village.  The Royal Oak pub sits opposite The Green and during the warmer weather it is used to congregate whilst having a drink. Historically The Green was used as a market area (see map below) and the main road to London from the West Country would have passed through Stoford in the medieval period. An information sign now stands at one end of The Green showing lots of interesting historic information about the village.

Fig.1 Photograph of The Green with a stone memorial built in 2000.
Fig.2 A close up of spring daffodils growing on The Green.
Fig.3 A photograph of The Green showing a tree awaiting its spring leaves!
Fig.4 An aerial view of the village of Stoford showing The Green, marked here as the Market.
Fig.5 The history of Barwick & Stoford sign.


Fig.1-3 My own photographs of my chosen location, The Green in Stoford.

Fig.4 An aerial view of the village of Stoford showing The Green (accessed 26.01.20)

Fig.5 My own photograph of a history of Barwick & Stoford information board.

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