Exercise 1.2: Site Selection and Documentation

Find an interesting and appropriate site for my pavilion by carrying out primary and secondary research, once I have identified a location then provide a convincing rationale for my decision.

I have two possible locations for my pavilion located in my home village of Stoford.

The first location is Yeovil Junction Railway Station. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, the railway station opened in 1861 and is situated on the main London Waterloo to Exeter line. Although the platforms have the general bench seating that you would find on a railway platform there is nowhere ‘pavilion like’ for families or visitors to sit and enjoy the surroundings, either waiting for a train, waiting for a passenger or even enjoying train life itself. Across the way from the platform is a railway goods shed. This shed was built by the Great Western Railway in 1864 to give an interchange with the London and South Western Railway at Yeovil Junction Station. Although it’s used changed in 1923 it is probably one of only two broad/narrow gauge goods transfer sheds remaining in situ and one of only three surviving in all. There is a turntable behind the shed that is still used today when they have the steam engine running for visitors.

My pavilion design could sit in the green area behind the fence for the general public to enjoy when Yeovil Junction Railway Society hold functions and days where families can enjoy the Steam Engines and railway exhibitions.

Fig.1 A map of Stoford and the surrounding area, showing Yeovil Junction Railway Station in the middle and the railway line running through the village.
Fig.4 A photograph of The Shed, a building used for various functions, at Yeovil Junction Railway Centre.


Fig.1 Image of an aerial view of Yeovil Junction Railway Centre in Stoford and it’s surround areas.

Fig. 2-3 My own photographs of the Shed and a piece of land beside the Shed at Yeovil Junction Railway Centre.

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