Assignment Four: Visualisation

For my fourth assignment, I revisited the model I made that captured the atmosphere of my chosen interior, made from string and feathers. The brief was to create a visual interior of my model. I played around with different scenarios before I was completely satisfied.

Fig.13 A close up photograph of my model with a scale figure standing inside the string tassels.
Fig.14 A sketch of the above model with a figure stood inside.

As suggested, I set up my model on an elevated surface so that it was at eye level to help give me more of an idea of how it may look as large structure. Here I have chosen to use pencil to sketch my model. If the model was a large structure the bottom part would be made from willow, which would show the rustic texture that resembles the atmosphere captured in the drawing room of Cedar Falls. The light from above is casting a shadow which I have also tried to capture here by adding pencil shading.

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