Project 3:Perspective Drawing

Exercise 3.2: Two-Point Perspective

Following on from learning about one-point perspective, I have attempted to draw in two-point perspective. I used the same interior room as the previous exercise and found it easier to draw with this technique than originally thought.

Fig.1 A drawing in two-point perspective

After a few attempts, drawing the lines away from the perspective points, I started adding a bit more detail. Finally I used a fine liner pen to define my final drawing. I will continue to draw this way and work on the finer detail to be able to move on to the next exercise of perspective with tone and colour.

Fig.2 A two-point perspective drawing with black fineliner


Fig.1 A sketch drawing in two-point perspective of my dining room.

Fig.2 A two-point perspective drawing with black fineliner, of my dining room.

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