Project 3:Perspective Drawing

Exercise 3.1: One-Point Perspective

This exercise introduced me to the rules of perspective drawing, this being one-point perspective. After a few attempts I finally created a drawing that resembles my room! That was challenging having never attempted this before, I can understand the need to draw in this way from a designers point of view, next to try two-point perspective.

Fig.1 My one-point perspective drawing of my room


Fig.1 A sketch of my one-point perspective drawing of my room.


  1. Interesting the way the angle of your camera’s sensor in relation to the flat plane of your drawing creates a second distorted perspective with a second vanishing point somewhere above the top edge of the picture. If you’d scanned your drawing (or propped it against a wall and made sure your camera was perpendicular to it) this wouldn’t be the case…


  2. Thanks Simon I will give this a go! This particular drawing is me looking at it from the other side of the room.


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