Project 2

Representing Materials

Exercise 2.1: 10 Cubes: 20-second Pencil Renders. Using only a pencil and 10 pieces of paper I have drawn a cube in perspective without using a ruler. Then I have allowed 20 seconds on each cube to make it look like it is made from timber, glass, sponge, polished chrome, brick, concrete, leather, wool fabric, marble and rusted metal.

This task was frustrating because you have to really think about patterns and textures relating to each material in such a short time of 20 seconds and as you can see below I didn’t finish one cube! It has taught me to really consider how I can relay that information within a drawing and I would need to think about using the pencil in different ways to create definition and shading.


Fig.1 – 10 My own 20-second Pencil Renders

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