Part Four – Drawing & Visualisation: Tangible & Intangible

Project 1 is about drawing objects. The aim of this exercise is to introduce myself to the practice of observing and drawing objects in ‘still life’ using different styles and drawing techniques.

Starting with the continuous line drawing, it was obvious for me from the outset that I needed to erase and try again only because that’s what I’ve always done, this was a great way of stepping out of my comfort zone by carrying on. To then draw the same objects from memory and another closing my eyes, well you can see a big difference but there’s something quite artistic about the two! Drawing the negative space between the objects was something I’ve never looked at and drawn before so that was interesting. Finally the tonal drawing, I really need to work on this technique and take closer care when creating the variations of light and shade rather than the outlines.


Fig.1 A continuous line drawing of three objects

Fig.2 A drawing of three objects from memory

Fig.3 A drawing of three objects drawn whilst closing my eyes

Fig.4 A drawing of three objects with negative space around them

Fig, 5 A drawing of three objects using tone

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