Looking back on Part Three, Scale: Spaces & Objects – I have learned so much more than I anticipated. Firstly learning to draw by hand and to scale was amazing. Realising how vital it is to have all of the tools to hand made my life so much easier when learning how to draw in scale. Secondly learning all about sections, plans and elevations and to actually draw them was a challenge. It’s important to sit and observe your model that you are drawing, helps you understand what’s being asked of you. This way you can observe the finer detail and put that information into your drawing. Next moving on to transferring this information and creating a digital version. I did spend an awful lot of time teaching myself the basics of VectorWorks and have learned so much about the software but also realise that I have only touched base with it and hope to carry on that journey throughout my course and learn so much more. My final assignment of creating a technical drawing pack, which was great to bring all of the elements I had done in the previous exercises and produce a digital version of my model, drawing in plan, section and elevations. On reflection, I would allow so much more time than I first realise, and although I would prefer to draw by hand I understand the need for drawing digitally in the world of Interior Design, I’m sure given time and practise this will be become easier and more enjoyable. Bring on part four!

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