Exercise 3.2: Cube and Cylinder: Planometric Projections in CAD

I had chance to build on my basic CAD skills and create digital versions of my drawings in the previous exercise. At first I thought this was going to be really tricky, but once again there are so many different video tutorials that help you with every part of Vectorworks, I enjoyed the challenge and you will see below my attempts in digital format.

As you can see above I struggled with creating a cylinder. At first I thought I would have to follow the exact rules as I did when drawing by hand. After further training on Vectorworks I realised that the tools give you the object to draw, you then give that object the dimensions. Using the CAD software has been a real challenge but eventually I will work out how to draw the cylinder and extrude the shape to the relevant size.

After searching youtube and having more lesson on Vectorworks I finally worked out how to fill my cylinder. I realise I still have so much to learn with the software but enjoying the journey all the same! Here is my 3d cylinder shape filled with colour measuring 1500mm radius and extruded to 1500mm.

a cylinder 3d shape measuring 1500mm radius and 1500 extruded

Ready to move on to exercise 3.3 where I’m hoping to use the skills I have learnt so far to produce a Planometric drawing of an object from a previous project.

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