Exercise 3.1: Cube & Cylinder: Planometric Projections by Hand

This exercise introduced me to Paraline Projections using scale hand-drawing skills that I have developed in my previous projects. I drew a simple hollow cube at a scale 1:50. Once I had lightly drawn a horizontal base line I then used by scale protractor to make a precise drawing of a square 3000mm x 3000mm at scale 1:50 angled at 45 degrees, I then drew another square with a gap of 200mm outside of the original square. Then I drew vertical lines, each 3000mm at scale 1:50 up from each corner of the squares. I then joined the vertical lines at the top to make two more squares parallel to the original squares. Finally I erased the lines that would be obscured if it had solid sides and covered the remaining lines with heavier pencil lines.

At first this exercise looked fairly straight forward, drawing the first square wasn’t too difficult once I had got used to using my scale protractor. The difficulty for me was drawing the second square, lots of lines in different directions confused me. I must remember to use a lighter shaded pencil when doing this work, below you will see my initial attempts and how I progressed to my final cube.

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