Exercise 2.4: Project 3: Paraline Projections

During this project I have learned about paraline projections, they are orthographic drawings that are drawn at scale showing buildings, structures, spaces or ojects in 3D but without the use of perspective. The 2 main types of parallel projections used in Architectural drawing are Axonometric Projections and Planometric Projections.

The three different types of Axonometric Projection are Isometric, Dimetric and Trimetric. They are sometimes ‘exploded’ to help show different elements and how they relate to one another.

I researched the internet to find examples of ‘exploded axonometric drawings’. Below I found one of a house called CK House.

From the beginning of the client’s requirement, he needed a small house for his family of three. The designing of the house was based on the simplicity but not too simple, the cost of technical building process should not be too much due to the responsibility of the owner. The site located close to where they used to live at that time, surrounded by neighbours’ orchards and rice fields. (Arch Daily, 2015)

Figure 1. Chiang Kham District house, Thailand drawn by Architect Attasit Kongmongkol
Figure 2. Image of Chiang Kham District house, Thailand

Here is another example of an exploded drawing, this is of a two storey extension designed and built by JR Architects.

The clients for this project already had planning for two storey extension of average design which would have given them enough space, but lacked inspiration and did not enhance the existing property as they were hoping for. JRA was commissioned to look again at the design to extend the dwelling in a more sympathetic but modern way. We came up with the idea of extending with a lean to structure to the side and also a two storey extension at the rear to extend the kitchen and create a new master suite above. Finally, we also provided the space for accessing the loft which unlocked the potential for this space to be converted in the future. The project was granted full planning with no objections, or conditions, and the clients and planners could see exactly what they were going to get thanks to our clear 3d presentations! (JRA, s.d)

Figure 3. Lower Campscott Farm, Lee, North Devon drawn by Jonathon Reeves Architects
Figure 4. Image of Lower Campscott Farm, Lee, North Devon


Arch Daily 2015 – Architects: Full Scale Studio (2015) https://www.archdaily.com/774908/ck-house-full-scale-studio (accessed 17.7.19)

JRA (date unknown) https://www.jr-architecture.co.uk/lower-campscott.html (accessed 17.7.19)


Fig.1 Exploded Axonometric https://www.archdaily.com/774908/ck-house-full-scale-studio?ad_medium=gallery (accessed 17.7.19)

Fig.2 CK House https://www.archdaily.com/774908/ck-house-full-scale-studio?ad_medium=gallery (accessed 17.7.19)

Fig.3 Lower Campscott Farm, Lee, North Devon https://www.jr-architecture.co.uk/lower-campscott.html (accessed 17.7.19)

Fig.4 Lower Campscott Farm, Lee, North Devon https://www.jr-architecture.co.uk/lower-campscott.html (accessed 17.7.19)

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